• Step 1: Enter your vehicle registration number and mileage for a free and instant valuation online.
  • Step 2: Select option for a branch visit or our FREE COLLECTION Service.
  • Step 3: If you agree with the quotation price, PAYMENT BEFORE COLLECTION will be made, WITHOUT any service charges.


BABA365 uses a database, which determines the correct value of your vehicle. When you go through the 3 easy steps on our website you will get a valuation range of the lowest and highest for your vehicle. On inspection a final valuation will be given, subject to the condition of the vehicle.

If you cannot find your vehicle’s information on our website please bear in mind the following:

  • You may be entering incorrect details (please check for spelling or any typing errors)
  • Your vehicle is not from the U.K.
  • Your vehicle is more than 15 years old
  • You may have a Reserved Private Registration plate
  • VEHICLE data not available

When vehicle data is not available, you will be directed to a manual entry page, where you can enter the details manually, or you can send us an email.

But this doesn’t mean we won’t buy your vehicle, if you contact us with your vehicle details, one of our team members will get back to you with a valuation.

At the inspection visit the BABA365 team will check the general overall condition of the vehicle and if there are any problems. After the inspection we will give you the final value of your car. A vehicle in poor condition can lower the price, so please enter your vehicle's condition at Additional Information accurately. (Message to the Buyer section)

BABA365 can guarantee your price for 7 days. The reason for this is because the vehicle market changes all the time and so do the values of the vehicles. We try to give the best valuation to our customers so they can get the best deal on the market.

BABA365 cannot be responsible for the valuation, as the valuation is based on the information given by the customer when submitting their vehicle details online. BABA365 staff will carry out checks on your vehicle to make sure it matches the information the customer has provided. If the details are correct the initial valuation will stand and a payment method will be agreed on, if not, then depending on the condition of the vehicle a different valuation will be presented.

It is helpful if you provide the details in Additional Information (Message to the Buyer section), when entering your name and mobile number on our website. Please give as many details as possible giving information on special features as well as any dents, scratches etc.


BABA365 will need the following documents to buy your vehicle:

  • Log book (V5 document) – in the name of the person selling the vehicle
  • Vehicle service history – MOT etc
  • ID, proof of identity – Passport or Driving Licence
  • Proof of address – Utility bill, bank statement or a council tax bill

BABA365 can buy your vehicle within 4 hours depending on your location, vehicle condition and valuation. Please ensure you have the correct documentation and paperwork to prevent delay.

BABA365 does not charge any of its customers a transaction fee. If you decide not to proceed after you are given a valuation you are not obliged to sell your vehicle. If you do wish to proceed and sell your vehicle, there still wouldn’t be any transaction fee.

Yes!! BABA365 experts will need to carry out all the necessary checks. We request purchase invoice, and all the documents related to your vehicle, with proof of customer’s ID and address.

Yes we do. If you enter your registration number we will be able to give you a free valuation. If you wish to keep your private number plate you will be able to reassign it to your new vehicle. To find out more you should contact DVLA who will be able to guide you more clearly on this matter.

The logbook (also know as a V5 document) shows the details of the registered keeper of the vehicle. You should have the letter of authorization from the owner of the vehicle.

If you have not received the logbook, you will still be able to sell your vehicle to us but we will require proof of purchase from the previous owner and proof of ID and address. This could be a signed document/letter stating you are the new owner of the vehicle, an invoice or a bank transfer statement evidencing payment of the amount to the previous owner.

If you have the logbook in your name, then you can sell the vehicle to us, even if you have only owned the vehicle for few weeks.

BABA365 pays BEFORE COLLECTION, without any handling charges.


After you have received an online valuation form BABA365 you have the option of a BRANCH VISIT or FREE COLLECTION from your office or home. After you have submitted your details we get in contact asking which option you prefer, and book a time and date convenient to you or you can call us on the number provided to you on screen or text after a valuation has been sent to you.

Regardless of a branch visit or free collection, this is a free service at no extra cost to you.

Yes you can! You may be required to wait for some time as we may be dealing with other customers who have made appointments. To save time we recommend you book an appointment date and time or let us know you are on your way.

The selling process usually takes no more than 30 minutes. The BABA365 team will inspect your vehicle and check all the relevant documents. Then you will be asked to accompany the staff member for a test drive. After the inspection you will be offered a final price for your vehicle and discuss a method of payment.

Unlike most competitors our unique selling point is FREE COLLECTION. We know our customers can be busy at work and may not get the time to travel to our offices. For those busy bees, we are more than happy to have our staff come to you, inspect your vehicle and take it away from you for NO EXTRA COST.

No, we always pay before collection.


BABA365 buys all kinds of vehicles. It can be any model, make, age, condition with any mileage. We will buy a vehicle valued from £50.00 to £50,000.

BABA365 will buy broken or damaged vehicles caused by accidents or due to mechanical faults. Our offer will depend on the extent of the damage and the age of the car. When filling out details for your vehicle’s valuation, (Additional Information section) please include as much detail as possible about the damage so that we can give you an accurate quotation.

Yes!! BABA365 buys any vehicle. You can contact us for more information. Enter your vehicle details online for a free valuation and do mention if it’s a non-runner to get an accurate valuation.

Yes, use this website to value your car in the normal way, making sure you indicate your car is an insurance write-off during the refine vehicle?* step of our valuation process.


Yes, but as long as the vehicle you want to sell is worth more than the outstanding finance, we are happy to pay off the vehicle loan and pay you the remainder of the agreed price.

We can buy your vehicle, but you will have to pay us the difference in outstanding finance and the value of the car.


It is important you do. In order to contact you when giving you a quotation we need to have these details. A Mobile telephone number is important so we can text you details about your valuation. It also makes it easier to communicate if you wish to proceed and speeds up the process to a successful conclusion.

After the online valuation, we will contact you on the number provided or we will email you. We will discuss the price of the car and arrange the time and date of a visit convenient to you.


BABA365 branch is open from 9am until 7pm, 7 days a week. We can also be contacted via email where a reply will be sent to you within 24 hours. Collections can be made at later hours, evenings or weekends, agreed and confirmed with the customer.

If you don’t receive an email with the valuation for your vehicle, do not worry. Contact us and we will be able to send you a valuation using other methods of communication.

As per the new laws, when DVLA is notified, you will receive the refund from your Road Tax directly from DVLA.

Yes, we will buy imported vehicles.

If your car is not registered in the UK, BABA365 will still buy your car.

Please visit the Contact Us page and submit your complaint in writing. Also please tell us if you are happy with the service received from BABA365.

You should cancel your insurance after completing the sale with BABA365, as you will no longer be driving the car.

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